Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Review - 6 Days by Brendan DuBois

Title - 6 Days
Author - Brendan DuBois
Genre - Thriller
ISBN -0-7515-3076-X
No. of Pages - 568
Rating 3.5 out of 5

Special Forces Agent Drew Connor and his girlfriend Sheila Cass are walking in the White Mountain range of New Hampshire when they are caught in a thunderstorm and they take shelter in what Sheila thinks is a relay station. But when Drew enters the building he realizes that they have stepped into something much more sinister. There are bullet proof checkpoints, telephone hotlines and a map that read Internment Centers. Drew's instinct is to get out of there fast, and when they get to town they find find themselves shot at by the local police without being asked questions. Someone wants them dead for what they have seen.

Once again Brendan DuBois has written a fast paced keep you on the edge of your seat political thriller. He demonstrates how easy it is for religious extremists to try to get in control. I particularly found the quotations at the beginning of each chapter chilling. The plot is well paced and well thought out. Perhaps the most chilling aspect of the story is how easily the fictional plot could become a reality.

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