Thursday, June 3, 2010

Death of a Dying Man by J.M. Redmann

Genre - Mystery
Year Published- 2009
ISBN - 1-60282-075-1
Number of Pages - 281
Rating - 4.0 out of 5

After a ten year wait we have the fifth entry in the Micky Knight mystery series.
New Orleans has always been a central character in the series and the devastation that it experienced by hurricane Katrina is pervasive in the story. Hired by a man who is dying of
Hep C/HIV to find a daughter he never knew or wanted before now provides the core mystery that sets the tone. Micky continues to develop as a person and in relationship to others. Thrown into the midst of this is the turmoil that was Katrina. J.M.'s descriptions and dialogues painted pictures in my mind of scenes that at times are enjoyable and at times haunting. The changed landscape of her beloved city is mirrored in Micky's interior landscape. Redmann does her usual good job in the crafting of her plot. I certainly hope that we do not have to wait for another ten years for the next instalment.

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