Thursday, March 6, 2008

Review - Hangdog Hustle by Elizabeth Pincus

Title - Hangdog Hustle
ISBN- 1-883523-05-2
No. of pages 204
Rating - 4 out of 5

When private investigator Nell Fury agrees to investigate an unsolved murder of a young man who lived in San Francisco's Castro district she discovers that he could have been the victim of a random mugging, a personal quarrel, a racist assault, or gay-bashing. Her search for answers leads her to a dangerous and shady environmental activist group, a less than upstanding colleague, and prime army owned real estate that is on the city's northern tip.

In Hangdog Hustle Elizabeth Pincus blends a well crafted mystery story with serious social issues. She combines a subversive feminist twist, a wicked sense of humor, and sexy sleuthing in her tough talking heroine Nell. I enjoyed the book and found it very satisfying. My only regret is that I didn't find this series sooner!

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