Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Black Order by James Rollins

Title - Black Order
Author - James Rollins
ISBN - 978-0752882161
Genre - Thriller
Rating - 4 out of 5

I enjoy thrillers and this book by James Rollins is the best of his recent Sigma novels.

Lisa Cummings is a doctor on a mountain climbing expedition when her expertise is needed. She and Sigma Force operative Painter Crowe are investigating a Buddhist monastery in Nepal where something very strange seems to be happening to the monks and one goes on a murderous rampage.

In Denmark, another Sigma Force operative, Grayson Pierce is pulled by a young girl into an investigation a stolen Bible that belonged to Darwin himself, and supposedly holds clues to a secret scientific experiment. In South Africa, something very strange is happening with some of the animals, causing them to brutally attack humans when unprovoked.

Three seemingly unrelated series of events unfolding appear to have chilling ties to a Nazi experiment conducted during WWII that was supposedly destroyed. Suddenly, Sigma Force operatives are in a race against time to get to the bottom of these events before it destroys them all.

Once again James Rollins has written a good action thriller. He keeps up a good pace and the suspense builds up well to a satisfactory climax. I found, however, that the switching of points of view happened too frequently for me but everything came together well and the climax was satisfactory. I look forward to more novels by this author.

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