Sunday, July 13, 2008

Memories Are Murder by Lou Allin

Title - Memories are Murder
Author - Lou Allin
ISBN -978-1-894917-33-9
Genre - mystery
Series- 5th in the series of 5
Number of pages -282
rating - 4 out of 5

I often worry when I start to read a book at the end of a series. Starting at the end of a series is kind of like going into a movie with 30 minutes left to go and trying to figure out who the people are and what the story is about . My worries completely vanished as I started Lou Allin's Memories Are Murder. Allin's fine writing hooked me into the story and kept me turning the pages to a satisfactory conclusion.

Belle Palmer is a real estate agent in Sudbury Ontario. To her surprise Belle runs into a former classmate who she had persued and dated in high school without success. Now a zoologist Gary Myers is doing research on elk in the wild and is looking to rent a cottage for a couple of months. A few days later Gary is found dead apparently a victim of accidental drowning. When Matthew Malloy (nicknamed Mutt) Gary's partner of several years arrives he and Belle begin to look into Gary's research and death and find themselves targets of an unknown killer.

Lou Allin has written a good novel more on the cozy side than not with humorous descriptions of life in Northern Ontario. The sense of place is very good and the characters are interesting and well developed. Allin's use of unusual names helped to endear and bring life to the characters. The plot is good with enough twists and turns to provide a satisfactory ending. I plan to read the back list of this talented author and I look forward to reading her new series.

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