Friday, April 4, 2008

Review- Blue Heaven by C.J. Box

Blue Heaven by C.J. Box
ISBN 0312365705
Genre Suspense/ Thriller
Number of Pages 352
Non Series Novel
Rating 3.50 out of 5

Anne and William Taylor, aged 12 and 10 are on the run in the woods out side of the town of Kootenai Bay Idaho. They have just witnessed a murder and are being pursued by the killers, former police officers, who know who they are and where they live. The only hope the children have is Jess Rawlins a rancher in whose barn they hid. Jess must stay one step ahead of the killers who have joined the search party and volunteered to help with the investigation.

I chose Blue Heaven because I have read several books by C.J. Box. This is his first standalone novel. I enjoyed the book but found that his addition of extra characters in the book took away from the build up of suspense. That being said the book did move along quickly and held my interest. The theme of children in peril was handled sensitively. I recommend this book.

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