Monday, April 28, 2008

Review - Desert Cut by Betty Webb

Title- Desert Cut
Author - Betty Webb
ISBN - 978-1-59058-491-0
Genre- Mystery
No. of Pages 263
rating 5 out of 5

While scouting out locations for a film documentary in Arizona, private investigator Lena Jones and her director boyfriend Warren Quinn discover a freshly dumped body of a young dark skinned girl, the discovery of which evokes past memories of Lena's abused childhood. When another child disappears and in spite of clashes with the local sheriff, Lena continues to investigate the child's death and uncovers a small town with a big secret that puts her own life in danger.

Betty Webb has written a superb mystery with a disturbing theme of abuse that is very sensitively handled. Webb explores the cultural norms that condone behavior which we in North America name as abuse. Some may want to skip over some of the more graphic passages but the resolute will be rewarded with an excellent mystery and thought provoking read. I look forward to reading more her books.

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