Thursday, June 26, 2008

Judgment Fire by Marilyn Meredith

Title - Judgment Fire
Author - Marilyn Meredith
ISBN -978-1-59426-484-9
Genre - Mystery
Number of pages - 139 pages
Rating - 3.75 out of 5

I probably have mentioned before in previous posts that I enjoy books that have First Nations and Native American protagonists. Once again Marilyn Meredith has produced another good novel starring Tempe Crabtree of Yanduchi heritage.

While on patrol Tempe Crabtree, the resident deputy of Bear Creek, comes across a van on fire. Behind the wheel is a local Shaman who warns Tempe that her life is in danger. When a house fire is used to cover up a murder, Tempe is once again warned by the Shaman and undergoes a ritual for protection that awakens old memories and puts her in danger.

Marilyn Meredith continues to deliver a good story that both informs the reader about Native spirituality and the prejudices that American Natives experience while at the same time giving the mystery lover a good "whodunnit." The tale is well plotted and the characters are well developed. Those who have been following the series will enjoy the growth in understanding and tolerance of Tempe's family and new readers will enjoy meeting Tempe and the new and reoccurring characters for the first time. My only complaint regarding the book is that it was too short.


Marilyn said...

Once again, thank you, for a terrific review. I do appreciate it.

Yes, I know I write short, it's just when I'm done, I'm done. Grin


Anonymous said...

Though I don't read them often, I also enjoy NA protagonists. I'll have to check this one out!