Saturday, June 14, 2008

Winter Study By Nevada Barr

Title - Winter Study
Author - Nevada Barr
Series - number 14
ISBN - 978-0399154584
genre -mystery
Number of pages - 384
rating 5 out of 5

Winter is not my favourite season. Living in various parts of Canada has made me very acquainted with ice , snow, and cold. So I am familiar with how cold affects the human body, mine in particular. I found the natural scenes Nevada Barr's novel Winter Study to be terrifyingly accurate.

Park ranger Anna Pigeon returns to Isle Royal in winter to collect information from a famous wolf/moose study that has been ongoing for fifty years that will aid her work when wolves are introduced at the Rocky Mountain National Park. She joins a research team conducting the study that has two extra people that are evaluating the study for the government with the idea of shutting down the study and keeping the park open all year round. When one of the researchers dies apparently from a wolf pack attack, Anna persists in investigating, an act that put her own life in danger and pushes her own limits in order to survive.

Nevada Barr has written another taut novel that is rich in character development. Her ability not only to portray the savage scenes in nature but also to depict savage ruthlessness of human nature is excellent. I particularly enjoyed that Anna is more introspective and cognizant of her limitations. The plot is well paced and suspenseful. This is the best in the series so far and very highly recommended.

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Kerrie said...

Lillian, I now have a couple of Nevada Barr books in Mt. TBR - hope to get to them soon