Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Ragged Edge by John Christopher

Title - The Ragged Edge
Author - John Christopher
Genre - Apocalyptic Thriller
No. of Pages - 254 pages
Rating 4.50 out of 5

Way back in 1965 I read a book that got me started reading thrillers and mysteries. The book was the Ragged Edge by John Christopher. To my delight I recently found a copy of it in a local used book store. I read it again and found that I enjoyed it as much as I did back in 1965.

Devastating earthquakes hit New Zealand, tidal waves hit Malaya and North Borneo, and a chain of volcanoes rise in the China Sea. For Matthew Cotter, divorced, living comfortably in contentment on Guernsey in the channel Islands, these events are far away disasters, quickly forgotten newspaper headlines. One night he wakes up to hear to hear a dog howling and goes out to investigate when a violent earthquake occurs. Cotter's attempt to survive the cataclysm, his journey across a shattered continent to find his daughter, and his self realization as a man of strength and conviction enable him to survive.

This book held my attention right from the opening paragraphs. When I found book I wondered whether or not it would stand the test of time. It most definitely has. The characters are well developed and the plot fast paced. I read the book in one sitting. If you have the opportunity to find this book I encourage you to do so.


John Mutford said...

I don't read a lot of mysteries. I respect them and all, I really just haven't explored the genre much. I'm excited that you'll be reading mysteries for the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge. By the way, you had said you were interested in joining but added your name to the post for the 1st edition of the Challenge which is wrapping up in just a few weeks. I assumed you meant the 2nd edition, so I added your name to the post here.

Anonymous said...

It's always great to find great old books :) I'll have to check this out.

sally906 said...

I do enjoy John Christopher as well as John Wyndham - haven't read this one though so may have to keep an eye out for it around the traps :)

(aka Sally from Oz from 4MA)